Monday, June 13, 2011

4th Dayy! SHEEP FARM

Day 4: Sheep Farm (6/13)
When we woke up, we ate breakfast and then scrambled to get all our stuff together so that we could head off to our next stop. We drove for about an hour and a half to the super awesome SHEEP FARM! Once at the Sheep farm we got to listen to one of the men talk about all the different things at the farm. Then we got to see the sheep herded by the two dogs on the farm. Finally we got to see TWO sheep get sheered. It was a totally weird and cool experience. After the 1st sheep was sheered, we each got to go up and hold the sheered sheep. It was AWESOME! Then one of the guys in our group had talked to the main guy from the beginning and said he really wanted to sheer a sheep so the guy let him sheer part of the second sheep by himself. After we left the sheep farm we drove another hour and a half to the hostel we are staying at for only one night. The hostel is located in Queenstown. For dinner we went to a cool restaurant called the Flame. It was a lot of fun, the funniest part of the night was when we saw a couple at the restaurant order wine. Then the man fell asleep at the table and the woman then got up and just left him there at the table by himself. It was absolutely ridiculous.  :) Then we came home and had another POW WOW where we talked about how we wanted to grow on this trip besides being a better photographer!

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  1. Was the experience of frolicking with the sheep in the pastures the same as it was in the Cotswolds in England when you were 7.. Probably not! :) We never saw the entire operation or the sheering- how cool!! We absolutely never DID the sheering, WOW, that is so awesome! Out of curiosity, did anyone pick shawnequa for their camera? Just feeling a pick left put after the Rupert selection....we laughed a lot on that one!!!
    Love you!