Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Positive Attitudes!

Day 15: Airport and Arctic
            First of all, I had the worst night sleep of my life. I woke up every 15 minutes starting at 1:30 till I woke up at 5:00. The room was freezing and I had no heat. They didn’t give covers, and so I thought I’ll just use my blanket because I wasn’t cold before we went to bed.  But VAN is scared of the dark so she left a bathroom light on, and it blinded me and kept waking me up the entire night. I wanted to die. And the heater was close to the ceiling and I was on the bottom bunk, so since heat rises I never got any of the warm air. So waking up at 5 and only getting a total of about 30 minutes of sleep didn’t put me in the greatest mood. So once we got to the airport and found out our flight had been cancelled, it didn’t really improve my mood. SO at the airport we ate breakfast, sat around, and more food, and sat around even more. Then after a while I got some nail polish and painted my nails hot pink in anticipation for FIJI! After a few hours of just sitting around the airport we went to the Arctic Center and walked around viewing all the different Penguin and Arctic Sites. We even experienced a simulated Arctic Storm. It was…FREEZING! Then after all the waiting we went to a nicer hotel and then went out for dinner. We went to a nice restaurant called the red Berry! WE were all kind of bummed about the FIJI flight and some people were starting to feel sick. But we all had to keep positive attitudes! :) 

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