Monday, June 20, 2011

Gorge, getting to Hokitika, and meeting Ulla

Day 10: Hokitika
We left Franz Josef and headed to hokitika, we didn't stop to much. Once we reached Hokitika we met Ulla Lohmann. Then we went to lunch at a take away place and then headed to a super cool Gorge. At the gorge Ulla talked to us about making pictures cool and different. At then end of the Gorge trail we took cool pictures over then huge rocks. And along the path was his really cool swing bridge it reminded me of Indiana Jones a little bit. After we left the Gorge we came back to the new campsite and relaxed, and sorted our pictures. Right after we went to a really cool beach with black sand, Ulla told us to take pictures that represent what the beach means to us. We went to dinner at a grille in town then headed to the owner's house of the campsite. There Ulla gave a speech and showed pictures from her life and told us her life story. We went to the owner's house because they wanted to meet Ulla and their Hokitika photography group wanted to meet her too and listen to her talk. The whole day altogether was really cool and meeting Ulla was awesome and she is totally helpful. When I showed her my ending project for National Geographic she really liked it. My theme is Reflections, showing a different perspective of a picture.

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  1. Hey we got your postcards today, they were awesome! Thanks!!! I am glad Ulla finally was able to get there and help you all with your photography, what a special treat! I can' wait to see the pictures of the glow worms because I believe she has been with you for that fun experience! Sorry about the snow, we heard there wasn't any or at least not enough to ski. I am sure they will come up with a very cool alternative so no worries there! Ahh! I have been a Kiwi all along! I say "no worries" all the time!!! Now you all can stop giving me a hard time, I am just a Kiwi, that's all! Have fun and keep bolgging!!

    I love you!
    kiwi Mom