Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Day 18: Full Day in FIJI
            We woke up and all headed down to the café to have a nice breakfast together. But it was raining and continued to rain the entire day. Some people went scuba diving. Around 2 we went into a town 10 minutes away and look at some cheap stores and a market. On the way there we stopped by a sugar mill. It was interesting to see. And then on the way back we stopped by a gravesite of a leader from a while ago, he had 900 stones around his grave. Each stone represented a person he had EATEN! He was a cannibal. When we got home we went to the café at the place we are staying again and enjoyed a nice dinner. Our LAST dinner in Fiji.  After dinner we experienced an old tradition, you drink some weird water. It looked like nice muddy water and tasted like ash! It was awful.  And then after a few minutes your tongue went numb. Then we went out and had our final POW WOW on the beach! Then when the adults went to bed, we went back to the beach with our tripods and took pictures of the stars, it was beautiful.  And we all enjoyed our last night in FIJI and hoped there would be sun tomorrow!

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