Friday, June 17, 2011


Day 5: Exploring Queenstown
            We got up and packed our bags because we were only staying in Queenstown one night. Then we got to walk around town on our own and explore, this way we didn’t all have the same pictures. We got to walk around by ourselves for about an hour. While we were walking around Lauren and I bought matching opossum gloves and barrettes.  We looked really cool.  Then when the group got backed together we rode the gondola up the mountain so we could see the view from one of the highest points. It was absolutely BREATHTAKING! When we got back to the bottom of the mountain we went to one last store and then got on the bus to head to our next destination, Wanaka. Once we got to Wanaka, we walked across the street to the field where kids were practicing rugby. Later we went to dinner, we ate Indian food. Walking around Queenstown was so much fun and it was awesome to get to see all the different pictures everyone found on their own.

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