Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Traveling to Hanmer!

Day 12: Arthur's Pass, CastleHill
We got up early and headed on our way again. THis time we had a 4 hour drive ahead of us to Hanmer. BUt this drive ended up taking al day because we stopped a million times. First we stopped in Arthur's Pass. It was a really cool valley and there were amazing birds. It was really cool to see all the mountains surrounding us. We talked to the manager of the visitor center, he told us all about the history. Then we left and stopped again at CastleHill. This was where they filmed the final fight scene in Chronicles of Narnia. It was awesome. And we all hiked around and we got to see a bunch of different people climbing all the different rocks around the area. And Ulla's fiancee climbed one of the boulders and let us take pictures of him. While we were there we ate lunch and talked to Ulla. Then after awhile we had to leave again and continue on our way to Hanmer. WE finally got to Hanmer around 5:30 and got our room assignments. LAUREN and I got to room together AGAIN! :) IT was quite an exciting day. Then we went and had thai food and it was awesome. ANd when we got back to our campsite we had POW WOW and all almost fell asleep during it because we were so tired. But Ulla gave another talk that night about all her different expeditions and how she prepares for each, it was really cool to see the pictures for a rainforest expedition she did for BBC and se how they lived.

***We're modelz, I swear! :)

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  1. This picture is great! You are modelz! ....of the Kiwi sort! Faces are great, lighting and rainboew effect awesome...Look out Tyra and Mr J (the big hair one)....they are bringing it home!!!