Friday, June 17, 2011

Traveling 2 FRanZ Josef

Day 7:  Traveling to Franz Josef
            We left Wanaka that morning and headed out on our 3-hour drive to our next destination, Franz Josef.  Along the way we stopped in this almost deserted town to get lunch. The place we ate at was called the grumpy cow café, it was different but fun. I got fish and chips for lunch they were good. After lunch, Lauren and I went to the playground across the street until everyone else was finished eating. Another cool place we stopped on the way to Franz Josef was the beach. This beach was totally different and awesome. The sand was black but before you reached the sand there were rock piles everywhere. You had to climb down the rock to get to the beach. The really amazing part of this beach was that you could find a white stone and then write a message or your name on it then leave it at the top along the rode. It was RIDICULOUS to see how many people had left their mark on this beach. The messages ranged from peoples names to bible verses. Just seeing and reading all the different things people had to say was really cool. After the beach we arrived at the hostel we are staying at. By the time we got there we were ready for dinner. So Lauren and I totally represented the 80’s look at dinner. We were CRAZYYYY!
****Thanks for saving all your clothes from the 80’s mom! :) 

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