Saturday, June 18, 2011

Relax and Work on our Pictures!

Day 9: Relax and work with our pictures.
Today we relaxed and got to sleep in a little bit longer. It was really rainy so we all hung out in the common room and worked on our pictures and blogs. (Happy mom? <3 ) It was a pretty chill day and it was fun to just hang out with everyone in the group. We had sandwiches for lunch and them Ms. Carter, one of the teachers, made spaghetti for all of us for dinner. It was DELICIOUS! But i think one of the best parts of evening was when we all gave our funniest pictures of each other to Ms. Bottoms. Later that night we watched a slide show of all this pictures, it was HILARIOUS! And then after the slide show we got to just relax and watch the movie Anchorman. It was pretty funny. But that pretty much wrapped up our day, and tomorrow we will be traveling to our next destination. And its exciting because our national geographic photographer is going to meet us at our next hostel. Her name is Ulla Lohmann. :)


  1. YES, I am VERY happy! I am so excited about how much you are learning about taking and editing pictures and can't wait for you to start teaching me! Well, it is NOT cold here at all! It has been very hot and ZERO rain so see if you could send some of your wet stuff our way!! Keep clicking and blogging it is so fun to hear what you all are up to, the funny comments, and beautiful pics from everyone! Keep having fun!

    Love you!

  2. It only rained one day! Isnt that just RIDICULOUS! :)