Sunday, June 12, 2011


Day 1: The Trip to New Zealand! (6/8-6/10) But no 6/9
After a little over 30 hours of travel, we were ready to be in New Zealand. All the plane rides over here really helped us all get to know one another and become like a family. We all really bonded over the 13-hour plane ride where a baby cried the entire flight. But before we even boarded that plane we hung out in LAX and all almost fell asleep in our dinners. Ludacris Lauren and I were so tired we had laughing attacks almost every second. By the time all the traveling was over I was completely exhausted. We finished our traveling in the afternoon, and despite our best efforts we all had at least a little jetlag, which was super duper fun. Once we went to dinner, we all almost fell asleep in our dinners. That night I decided to have a cheeseburger, it ended up tasting like meatloaf! YUM 

Day 2: Milford Sound (6/11)
This was a BEAUTIFUL way to start out the trip. Everything that we saw was the most amazing thing, and the colors were just gorgeous. We first left when it was still dark but once we got there the sun had just come up making everything look even more amazing. We rode a boat around Milford sound; it was the perfect setting for pictures. I took around 1500 pictures on the first day. It was so exciting when we saw a seal just hanging out sitting on a rock; he was the cutest thing ever. Then while we were heading back to the dock about 10 dolphins came up to the ship and were swimming along side the boat. There were so many amazing pictures taken because the dolphins were so close. They were a lot bigger than you would think, they looked HUGE! Once we got back to our bus, Carl (our AWESOME Kiwi Bus Driver) drove us back to the place we were staying. But on the way back he stopped a bunch of times on the side of the rode so we could take more pictures and see more scenery. One of the places we stopped we got to take a trail where we all took some amazing pictures. By the time dinner rolled around we were all basically starved because we didn’t eat a big lunch…it was a very small snack. Then after dinner we came home and had our first POW WOW! We did an activity where we named our cameras; I named mine Andrew, or Andy.
****CHASE: I haven’t seen any Golden Kiwis yet, but ill keep my eyes open! 
****RUPERT: Ludacris Lauren named her camera “Rupert”…isn’t that funny!

Day 3: Hiking and Exploring around Te Anau (6/12)

We woke up and worked on our computers, working with our pictures and just seeing all the different pictures we had taken from the previous day. Then we went to lunch at a place called the olive tree. After that we walked to the visitor center in the middle of a park. At the visitor center we looked at some of the history of New Zealand. Before we left the visitor center we saw a really cool documentary about the park and all the different birds in the park. After all of this we left the visitor center and hiked a little bit and took some really nice pictures. I saw the cutest little boy riding his bike. But today I wasn’t as trigger-happy and only took 335 pictures. We went to the cinema and watched another 32-minute video about New Zealand, only this one had no talking, so you really had to pay attention. After that we went to Bailiez, a really nice restaurant. Then we had another POW WOW that night, and we had I nice discussion about being homesick, which I’m not…sorry family!   

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  1. I don't blame you for not being homesick -- given the stories I am reading, I wouldn't be either!!! What fabulous pictures! The scenery is awesome and all the stories I am reading are great!! Keep them coming and have a great time with your new "Kiwi family" !