Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Day 11: Pancake Rocks, GLOW Worms, and light Painting.
WE woke up and we went to the Pancake rocks. We head out and we get maybe 15 minutes away from the place and we run out of guess. (When National Geographic says expedition and adventure they really mean it). So we walked to the national pancakes rock park, while Carl, our bus driver hitched a ride to go get some gas. But once at the pancake rocks everything was so amazing...the view, the water, the blow holes, the paths, ect. Sometimes i just had to sit down, put my camera down and take it all in. After the hike through the pancake rocks we went to the Pancake Rock Cafe. I got Pancakes with hot cherries and cream. They were awesome. Once we left pancake rocks, we went to another trail to take some more nature pictures, but it also led down to the water, so we all got some cool pictures involving the water, sun, and sometimes people's silhouettes. Once we got back to the place we were staying at we worked on our pictures a bit and ordered in pizza. After dinner, Ulla showed us how to put our pictures together in order to make a story. Then we hit up the GLOW WORMs. It was only a two minute hike up the path and you had to turn off all your lights to see them but they looked like a lot of blue dots. And we also took pictures of the sky. When i took a picture of the sky and the city lights, everything looked like it was on fire.


  1. Awesome light pictures!!!! This opens a whole new world! Sounds like one of the best days so far! Pancakes at Pancake Rocks!! Really! :). I really can't believe Karl ran out of gas!!! Now younall know why itis better to fill the top half of the tank instead of the bottom! Glad it worked out and you still got to explore the area.


  2. Tell Michael the wild fire is in Katy. No updates on whether they put it out yet or not that I can find.

    Love you!!