Tuesday, June 28, 2011

i love HORSES!

Day 13: Horseback Riding and HOT SPRINGS!
            We woke up and headed straight for the farm. It was really cool to see all the countryside and the horses. Once we got there they asked us who had ridden before. Then we each got on our horse. Mine was named Tom, or Tomahawk. He was so cute; he was orange and white. After the ride we helped out around the stable. I mostly took pictures of horses. Then we left the stables and headed into own. We hit up a bakery and ate lunch. The food was awesome. Then we headed back to the holiday park to change into our swimsuits. After we were all changed we went to the HOT SPRINGS. This place was better than the last place because there were a million pools and they even had water slides. They were awesome. After we all hung out there for a while we had to leave. Since it was Ulla’s last night we went to dinner, and while we were at dinner waiting for our food she showed us a slideshow about some of the expeditions she has been on. And overall to just believe in what you are taking pictures of and your stories. Overall it was an awesome day!

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