Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Surreal Moments

            We got to Christchurch pretty early so we had time to walk around and check out the Earthquake damage. It was unreal and made everything you had heard about on the news or read about in the newspaper made everything real. Then later that day, our guide, Dave got us in to see a cultural experience. The experience was a show about a local tribe called the Maori. The whole audience had to participate. At one time the girls went up on stage and at another time the boys went up on stage it was really funny to watch. After the show we went to dinner. There were two options: Thai or Italian. I chose Thai. I had some cashew chicken and it was AMAZING. And Lauren got the lemon chicken, so we shared! The day was pretty moving and we were all excited to be going to FIJI the next day!
***Coincidently, early during dinner Michael was like, “Guys I have a feeling something bad is going to happen.” Who knew he would actually be right? 

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