Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Embracing the Culture! Rugby

Day 16: Rugby and Flower Garden
            This morning we woke up and all went out to breakfast at this cute little restaurant.  I had eggs and toast. It was funny because one of the girls’ rooms woke up late so they all had to rush out of the room to make it to breakfast. After we had all finished breakfast we went to the story and bought 2 rugby balls, and then stopped by the hotel and picked up our national geographic Frisbee. Then we headed over to the park and played a game of touch Rugby. To say the least the game was pretty intense and Michael and I spent most of our time talking near the sidelines. But we had fun. The funniest part of the game had to be the amount of times everyone fell. The grass was wet and muddy, so everyone walked away with grass stains and muddy all over their clothes.  Since Michael and I were not the most athletic players we decided to ditch the game and wander around the park. We saw a couple walking around in their wedding outfits. But we didn’t take pictures of them because their photographer was there, along with their wedding party and they were definitely pre-gaming it up before the reception. They all had a beer in their hands. But then Michael and I found a rose garden and took some amazing pictures the lighting was perfect and there was a really cool sundial. After the park we all headed to the netball courts to watch Dave’s niece play netball. But by the time we got there all the games were over. But on the plus side her team won by 2 points. So we walked around the courts to the rugby field and watch the ending of a rugby game.  There was a lot of excitement because a helicopter landed and someone was life flighted out of the area.  On our way back to the bus a few of the local kids offered to teach us how to play netball. This game I was actually good at! I was born to play netball. ;) Then that night we didn’t have dinner reservations because the restaurant we originally planned to eat at was in a red zone and no longer exists, so that was definitely an issue. And the teachers and leaders said they had a surprise for us. WE picked up a pizza and then hit up the…BOWLING ALLEY. And it turned out to be a lot of fun. We found out who should NOT be aloud to bowl. One of the girls ended one of the games with a score of 14! :) And at the end of the night the boys all showed us their bet model walk. To say the evening was interesting would be a total understatement. 

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